1000 Islands Cruises
The Picture Tour

A picture is worth a thousand words....  And in order to give you a better idea of what to expect from your tour aboard one of our ships, we have assembled a small gallery of photos that illustrate the beauty of the 1000 Islands.  Simply click on the picture to get the larger version.


All Aboard
The Thousand Islander, the largest aluminum passenger vessel in the world shows visitors the many islands close-up.

Our Fleet
The Gananoque Boat Line features the newest, largest, best appointed tour vessels in North America. Facilities on board include: rest rooms on each deck, coffee shop and refreshments, also featuring electric heating for spring and fall cruising.

The Channels
Travellers see that each channel displays its own character.

Channel traffic
In April 1959, traffic began using the St. Lawrence Seaway. The Seaway, in the broadest sense, is a huge water-way extending 2300 miles (4000km) from the Atlantic Ocean to the head of the Great Lakes in the Heart of North America

Boldt Castle Stop
With its history and many attractions including the Castle, Boat Houses and Servant Quarters the stop is always a highlight of the 5 hour tour.

Our 2.5 Hour Tour
The 2.5 hour tour is the most comprehensive of all the tour of the 1000 islands. Tour the Canadian and American sides of the river. Travel down the Seaway channel. Pass under both the Canadian and American spans of the 1000 Islands international bridge.







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